Fabled Grytviken

I have been hearing about Grytviken for years, ever since I became interested in the south. And today we are here. I am typing this in Europa’s library at anchor in the bay as the ship prepares for a *party*! Flags are hoisted, coloured lights wrapped around the mast, barbecues … Continue reading

Land Ho!

We have arrived at South Georgia after a very fast passage conducted entirely under sail. The first land was sighted at 0740 and we are now close to the island. Shortly we will anchor at Elsehul, and after lunch plan to go ashore. Continue reading

The invisible Swedes: determination, survival and good timing

The northern part of the Weddell Sea is called the Erebus and Terror Gulf. Over a decade before Shackleton came here in Endurance, it earned the second part of its name. Otto Nordenskjold was a Swede (and Finnish too). Inspired by the discoveries of the south he put together a … Continue reading