Packing yet? Not as such.

47 days to go! People are asking if I’ve started packing yet.

No, I haven’t. Not least because I’m having a party first and I have a suspicion that once packing starts it’s going to take over my flat. I’ve got my new boots of course, and my oilies are coming home this week to be checked over.

In the meantime, though, I’ve got a box sitting on top of a wardrobe and as things come along, I pop them in there. All my merino vests  because it’s a wonder fabric. One pareu as they’re really useful for anything from sunbathing to drying stuff. (Pareu is the Polynesian name for a sarong.) Gloves!

Some people have been kind enough to start giving me useful stuff too. A new woolly hat with a soft fleece liner – which is super warm. A glasses strap which glows in the dark and a headtorch. Today a friend sent me some extra strong handcream and wonder lip salve.

Just 47 days.  Eeek.

(Apologies to Dreamworks for hacking their poster, by the way.)

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  1. So exciting.

    • Cheers Steve and great t hear from you. Yes – it’s looming out of the fog of the future like an iceberg!

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