#playlist again

Sometime back, I asked people for suggestions for my iPod. I have to say many of you were very reticent in public, though thanks to all those who sent me suggestions by email or private message. I have constructed a list on Spotify, unsurprisingly called Sailing to Antarctica.  It's not absolutely everything on the iPod, as I lost the will to copy all those individual tracks from compilations. It's interesting, too, who's not on that music streaming service: Horse, for heaven's sake! Elena, the fantastic classical Maori violinist.  And surprisingly little KD Lang.

I aimed for a mixture of styles and genres. Different beats for different moods. I'm sure there's great stuff I've missed out, so my ears will keep listening for new sounds.  Now I just have to work out the fastest way to down load what I didn't already have on to the iPod. Enjoy! 

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  1. Im so impressed with you blog and your writing and all your preparations for your journey. I wonder if you will be wearing wool? What fibers work well on the sea? Do you know the story of the Kamleika parka that the Northern Aleut tribe wore when they fished? It was make out of sea mammal intestine and not only protected them well from ocean spray and cold but they also believed it protected them from evil. I will be riding the journey with you on dry land!

    • Hi Ann and thanks so much for your comment. There’s a blog coming up about clothing – and yes a lot of wool is involved. The intestines sound disgusting but I guess if everyone is wearing them it is not so bad!

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