Buenos Aires

The sun rose over Uruguay and Argentina as we descended into Buenos Aires. Now they are cleaning up the plane: those of us getting back on for the last leg to Santiago have to take all out hand luggage into the air-conditioned, chain-stored, echoing corridors of transit-purgatory. I have quite a bit of hand baggage and my oilie jacket and boots are hot. 

We have an hour here - not worth paying out for coffee though I would sacrifice all principle for a shower. It was a cranky, comfortless night! Primping will have to wait.

Plane luggage                    Beunos Aries

So there's this quick update and then onwards to Chile. 



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  1. Sarah, I arrived on your blog after seeing the comment you made on the interim manager’s group. I was inspired to see what you’re up to having sailed from Isla de Navarino (a hop down the Beagle Channel from where you’re meeting your boat) down to the Antarctic Peninsula for 3 weeks, a few years ago.
    I was one of 11 on Pelagic Australis, a 70′ expedition yacht.

    Describing Antarctica is beyond my writing abilities. Suffice it to say, to this day I can so easily recall the feeling of being a welcome guest in a playground of surreal energy and loads of time to soak it in.

    I’ll follow your progress every now and then.

    I am from Cape Town, now living in London. I have some very special friends there who would, I am certain, be happy to meet you. One in particular, who took my heap of poorly classified pics and video clips of the trip and edited them into a still oft viewed memory lane buzz.

    Good luck and to say fair winds is relative to the environment.

    • Hey Mark, thanks so much for coming by and it sounds like you had an amazing time. Contacts in Cape Town are very welcome: we get there on the 29 April. And when I get back we should definitely compare notes: the option of bug journeys is a big reason I like working as I do.

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