From the windy South Atlantic

It’s very windy here right now. We have been in 40-50 knot winds since about 2200 last night, or some 12 hours.  The seas are huge but magnificent. There is a lot of spray breaking over our poop deck and all watches are cancelled.

I was one of the last on the wheel before the captain stopped hand steering. (Now it’s being done using the system in the wheelhouse.) By then, with gusts of about 44 knots, it was getting to be hard work, and of course the thing you must avoid is letting Europa lie across one of these big (big) waves.

Europa is holding up well and hey! I am functioning and not seasick.  If there were enough gamblers aboard, lots of spread betting would be possible on our eta in Africa.  In a straight line Cape Town is  some 330 miles away on a heading of 050. Our course is more like 095 and for now there is no way we could head further north. On the other hand we are charging along at nine to ten knots. Three stay-sails and one square sail (the fore lower topsail) are up and working hard.

We all hope the storm will pass over us before too long and that the south-westerlies at its back will help us lay the right course. In the meantime, hats off to the crew who are also busy keeping the boat and us safe.

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  1. So glad that your stomach is not in active rebellion again. It sounds like a really good, if a bit hairy, sail, so a good finish to a truly memorable trip. Have not commented on all your posts, but am really enjoying them.
    Love from Diana & the Bandits

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