The luxury of laundry

Clothes washing – or ‘private laundry’ in on-board parlance – is an important topic on Europa. Instructions made clear we should bring enough clothes for two months and not rely on the possibility of washing. In practice none of us have quite enough underwear for that option.

The ship does carry washing machines and tumble driers. The priority is always bedding and kitchen cloths, which are done first when the weather and sea state allows the machines to be used. Then comes the call for our stuff, which is normally done four cabins at a time. Eight cabins had their washing done in the last few days. Unfortunately cabin 8 wasn’t one of them.

Now – one of my cabin mates is a laundry queen and stays well ahead by daily handwashng. The rest of us don’t achieve such regularity: that’s four women in thermals and undies and night wear. who haven’t had the laundry call since our first days in South Georgia. We were all planning a major hand wash first thing tomorrow.

Tonight, at our regular ship’s meeting, I asked if the captain could give an idea when those last four cabins could expect a private laundry call. Oops! It turned out he thought we had all had the opportunity, so he consulted the crew and woohoo! Private laundry call!

Cabin 8 has stuffed its washing into bags, clearly seperated all that wool which must not be tumble dried and is happily handing it over. Once it’s done lots of those thermals can go into the depths of rucksacks. We are in much warmer waters now and just don’t need as many layers.

All of those of you with ready access to washing machines and drying lines, spare a thought for us this evening, ecstatic at the thought of private laundry.

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  1. Hi Sarah, I’ve no idea if you can read replies or receive other communication from fans of your blog. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy hearing about your life afloat. Thanks for sharing the wide range of experiences you are having, seems like there are lots more highs than lows despite how challenging some aspects of the trip are. This post about personal laundry made me laugh and remember how handwashing and shortage of fresh clothes is an enjoyable part of cycle touring.

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