Photographs will be along shortly

Lots of people have been kind enough to say they are looking forward to my photographs. So from tomorrow I will be posting pictures from the voyage, each one relating to the blog I posted on that equivalent day during the trip. And, yes, I will add some commentary.  Most of the photographs will be mine but (with full credit) I might occasionally use someone else's if it is of something I haven't managed to capture. (Storms for example.)

I was always a bit of a point-and-click woman before I planned the Europa adventure, but that didn't seem enough for Antarctica. Last October to December I took a course here in Cardiff, which was great, and definitely means I took more pictures and enjoyed it more than I would have done. It has to be said though that there were some fantastic, dedicated camera people on the journey. Their skill and patience was admirable, and many of them had the equipment their dedication deserved. 

So the blog is not over yet and I hope we all enjoy the reprise to come.


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