People, smiles and swimming

The Salisbury Plain trip left us all smiles at the antics of the wildlife - and each other. Quite a few crew members made it ashore. Harko and others took a zodiac cruise along the length of the beach. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine and the antics of penguins and seals, including the hardworking crew who often have to stay aboard.

All smiles watching the penguins at Salisbury Plain

For weeks some voyage crew members had talked about a swim. Under bright moonlight they’d talked about being able to jump overboard, or on passage they had wondered about how it would feel. Personally, it wasn’t on my to-to list. I don’t like cold water that much.

Salisbury Plain basked in the (relatively) warm sun and the flat sea spread out invitingly. Some people could not resist. Doctor Leen had brought hot water bottles and stood by watching as people stripped off. They galumphed down to the water to be met by bemused and excited fur seals. Most of the crew came rushing back again, honour satisfied by a few moments. One or two, though, stayed in, winning Iron Man awards for determination.

I took some videos on my phone to be shared around later. (Thank you iphone for Airdrop which got round some of the technical problems link experienced by relying on the ipad.) The wildlife was fascinated, investigating the swimmers long after they had left the water.  

Beyond this occasion, there was no swimming off the boat on the Cape to Cape. Europa, though, shared a log about mid-Atlantic swimming as she sailed towards Ascension. That’s more my kind of temperature. Maybe next time.

Salisbury Plain fur seal investigates the toes of a swimmer who was all smiles off camera
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