Cruising the Beagle Channel

Europa slipped her lines just as it got dark in Punta Arenas. We manoeuvred out past HMS Protector  who had tied up behind us. We were to see her again before too long.

The chartlet below is not necessarily our actual course through the maze of islands at the southern fringe of Chile but shows our approximate route for the 290 nautical miles to Puerto Williams. When you look at it, having pilots on board seems to make sense, though I suspect the crew of Europa know the maze as well as anyone.

We motored and sailed our way through the drizzle, beneath the Darwin Cordillera, enjoying the glaciers and stunning views on every side. This short video is an early attempt at using the GoPro: I don’t think I’m going to do well with the medium, and have just failed to add any music! (Also it is a big file; don't try and watch unless on wifi while I try and work out how to compress it.) It gives you an idea though. The decks were actually quite quiet the first day as we took everything in.

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