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So the question is: what music do I want on my iPod? There's going to be times I really want a change from the eerie electronica of much Antarctic inspired music (that's a whole other post), or the huge library I have of music about sailing. I know there are friends and readers out there who will have great ideas so bring 'em on.  I won't have access to wifi so there's no point in referring me to Spotify or iTunes unless you're recommending or have made a specific playlist. 

This is stuff I will need to buy, download and put on my big silver iPod. Yes, I'm going to use that because it's much easier on battery life and therefore on the ship's power systems. (When you live afloat you never stop thinking about power consumption.)

I have pretty wide-ranging tastes though I'm not likely to want much rap, and especially not the women-hating lyrics. Otherwise, I'll listen to anything once! As for audio books: I've never really got into them but if you have some great suggestions, I'm interested.

I want music to help me sleep off watch when Europa is banging through a storm, and music for beautiful sunrises. Sounds for an iceberg watch or just for hanging out. 

Some readers and friends know much more about music than I do and listen widely to what's coming out now from all over the world.  Add comments below so everyone can see. I'm looking forward to all your suggestions.

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  1. Sarah when I can’t sleep my failsafe listening is “From our own correspondent” . It is 4 small pieces per programme and I am usually asleep before the second one! There is some evidence that the human voice is more effective at inducing sleep than music which may have unexpected peaks and troughs and loudness.
    I will think about music with which to watch icebergs !

    • Cheers – great idea. I will start storing the podcasts!

      • On the line of podcasts, and putting aside Moneybox Live which can send most people to sleep at anytime of the day, how about some podcasts of the Shipping Forecast? I always find them intensely relaxing, possibly because I don’t understand the message but just listen to the rhythm of the voice. However, some nice calm ones, assuming there are some calm ones between now and when you go, might be quite reassuring in the midst of a storm. Just a thought!

        • Well, I like the idea of being calmed in the Southern Ocean by a downloaded calm shipping forecast for the British Isles. But as I do know what they mean I’m not sure it will work for me.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    It may be too electronic but the (German) captain on the ship we went on to Antarctica played Antarctica by Vangelis on his bridge and it did feel very appropriate. Have got the CD at home but only just now googled it (from Vietnam where I am at the moment) and it turns out that it was the soundtrack to an acclaimed Japanese film made in 1983 about Antarctica.

    • Wonderful thought: you on the bridge and Vangelis being eerie while the captain watches the milky horizon! Enjoy the warmth of Vietnam.

  3. Hi Sarah, the trip sounds fantastic. I have thought about your question, and I asked myself, what would I do? Ideally I would put every single song I have on CD and vinyl onto an MP3 player, and then I wouldn’t miss anything I woke up one morning feeling in the mood to listen to. But more practically I would include a selection of my ‘go to’ albums, and music that acts like a comfort blanket when I am down or miserable for whatever reason (for me that would be mostly but not only Bruce). The other thing I would do would be to see it as an opportunity to learn and discover music that I had always wanted to but never got around to, eg an artist (for me that might be Radiohead say), or even a whole genre, say jazz or opera. I might consult a few people who knew about those genres, or just download a couple of ‘best of’ albums and see what the fuss is about. And lastly I would probably download an app to learn a new language, though whether I would ever get around to it who knows? I know I haven’t suggested any particular tracks, but I hope this is helpful. Cheers X

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