From Puerto Williams

We came in to this tiny town on Isla Navarino this morning and had a fine walk in the woods. Moss and mistletoe clamber over the beech-like trees, the mud underneath is deep and clean and the sun shone mightily. It was not very Antarctican but beautiful. A bit like New Zealand bush but without the ferns and birds.

Bark Europa is great fun to be on. This picture is our bowsprit as we approach the enormous tongue of ice at the Garibaldi Glacier. I am posting this in a hurry from a cafe in Puerto Williams, where many of the crew are overwhelming its internet at once! This evening we leave for the Horn.

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  1. Looks amazing Sarah, and I completely remember all the icebergs being blue. Also recall that cocktails with iceberg ide fizz – you may not be having one now but do try some in some kind of drink at some point!
    Jo x

  2. Beautiful scenery! Good luck on next leg.
    Love from Diana & the Bandits

  3. Martijn den Toom

    Very nice blog. One of our friends is on this voyage… Kleis. So pretty interesting to get this nice experience feeds

  4. Anniella Isgren

    Interesting to read your blog! My parents Mats and Karin are onboard so I will follow the journey!

    Best regards,

    Anniella Isgren, Gothenburg/Sweden

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