Day 5: Cape Horn

We were extremely lucky that the weather held off long enough this morning for us to land on Cape Horn. It was both exhilarating and moving, especially the beautiful monument to mariners from all over the world.

While we waited for the boat to take the pilots home the wind got up. It’s now blowing about 30 knots and rising. The sails are filling up, though I think we will only be setting four or five. The wind is a sharp westerly, ahead of the low predicted to hit us tomorrow, and our course is 160 degrees, for Antarctica.

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  1. Hope your stomach has settled & mast climbing not too arduous. Am really enjoying hearing about your progress.
    Love from Diana & the Bandits

  2. Am so enjoying following the blog 🙂

  3. JoAnne O'Brien-Levin

    So enjoying sailing along with you, intrepid voyager!

  4. Sarah, let me share a poem that I found fixed to the harbour wall when I moored in La Rochelle after a much less adventurous voyage than yours. My French translation is imperfect, but in essence:

    ‘But the only true travellers are those who leave
    For the sake of leaving; light-hearted, like balloons,
    Never diverting from their fate
    And, without knowing why, say always ‘let’s go!’

    (Baudelaire, le voyage, and it’s better in the original:)

    Mais les vrais voyageurs sont ceux-lĂ  seuls qui partent
    Pour partir; coeurs légers, semblables aux ballons,
    De leur fatalitĂ© jamais ils ne s’Ă©cartent
    Et, sans savoir pourquoi, disent toujours “Allons!”

    Bon voyage.

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